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Book the Band

$150 / Solo Piper

$175 / Two Pipers

$200 / Three Pipers

$250 / Four Pipers

$150 / Solo Drummer (bass, side, or tenor)

$175 / Two Drummers (combo: bass, side, or tenor)

$200 / Three or More Drummers (combo: bass, side, tenor)

$250 / Drum Corps (all bass, side, tenor)

$200 / Two Pipers with One Drum

$225 / Three Pipers with One Drum

$275 / Wee Band (three pipers with drum corps)

$500 / Full Band (four or more pipers with drum corps)

$175 / One Dancer and One Piper

Important Notes

1. Transportation costs for non-local performances are negotiable.

2. A rehearsal fee of $25 is added if presence of a band member is required at a rehearsal.

3. Band rates are normally for full sets, consisting of two performances of approximately 20 minutes each, or one performance of approximately 40 minutes.

4. Rates are subject to change, and may depend upon availability of pipers and drummers for a given occasion.

5. Fees can be waived for tax-exempt groups. Please inquire.

Thanks for submitting!

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